MINI of Glencoe offers alternatives to trading in or selling your vehicle privately. Private sales are time-consuming and can take several weeks, but we can simplify the process for you. There are many websites that provide ranged estimates. We will provide you with a quick, free, and real offer for your vehicle, valid for 7 days after you leave the dealership. Contact MINI of Glencoe for full details on our quick and easy vehicle appraisal process.  
What are the benefits of selling your car to MINI of Glencoe?
  • We will give you a written offer that is good for 7 days.
  • We will give you payment for your vehicle before you leave the dealership.
  • We are willing to buy your vehicle outright, even if you don't purchase one from us!
If you are ready to sell us your vehicle, please be sure to bring the vehicle title, or your payoff information, plus your current vehicle registration. We will also require a valid state-issued ID. You'll also want to bring all keys, and key fobs. Once the paperwork is complete, we'll provide you a check and you can be on your way.

Give us a call, or use our contact form to have one of our experts reach out to you directly.

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