MINI brake service available here at MINI of Glencoe is reliable and long-lasting. Our team goes further than inspecting and repairing your vehicle after wear or damage. We’re also here to provide the information and answers you need to get the brake service you deserve. Here’s a little MINI brake service 101 to give you better insight into your brake system.

Signs Your MINI Brakes Need Service

Routine MINI service is essential to the safety and responsiveness of your vehicle, especially when it comes to the brakes. That’s why you’ll want to schedule regular brake inspections and why you’ll want to get the brake pads on your MINI vehicle replaced every 25,000-30,000 miles.

That said, you also want to be able to recognize signs of damage or wear before they affect the surrounding systems. Here are a few indications that your brakes need service or care.

The Braking Distance is Longer

If you notice that it’s taking longer than usual to bring your vehicle to a complete stop, that’s a good indication that your brakes are no longer operating at top capacity. A long stopping distance typically means your brake fluid levels are low.

You Hear Grinding or Squealing

Pay attention to any unusual sounds you hear when driving or braking. Grinding and squealing noises mean that the brake pads have worn down and that the parts are wearing together, or that part of the system has been damaged and moved out of location.

Pulling When You Brake

If your vehicle feels like it’s pulling to one side or the other during the braking process, that’s a sign of uneven brake wear. It means the brakes are wearing down at different rates, affecting the vehicle’s ability to come to a complete stop. Schedule MINI service to get to the root cause of the wear, and for MINI parts and repairs.

Learn more about MINI brake service and the other services that will keep your vehicle safe here at MINI of Glencoe. Schedule maintenance and care you can rely on at our MINI dealership today.

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