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In order for your vehicle to perform well and have a long lifespan, you have to treat it properly. This means giving it the right type of gas, and our MINI service center can help you figure out which fuel type is best for your MINI.

Three Different Grades of Gas 

You’ve probably noticed three different grades of gas when you go to fill up: regular, mid-grade, and premium. Here's a breakdown of all three:

  • Regular gas: Most vehicles run on regular 87-octane gas 
  • Mid-grade gas: 89-octane gas basically splits the difference between regular and premium 
  • Premium gas: 91-octane gas is designed for luxury or high-performance vehicles 

How to Know Which Type of Fuel You Need

You can check your owner’s manual or your fuel door to see which type of gas you need. As mentioned, most cars run on regular gas, while luxury vehicles and high-horsepower engines require premium gas. 

If your car requires premium gas and you don’t use it, you’ll hurt your engine. If your vehicle just needs regular gas, premium fuel won’t do anything except cost you more money.

"Premium Recommended" Fuel

If you find out that premium is recommended for your car, the choice is yours. You may want to experiment to see what regular gas does and what premium offers. For MINI models, while you can certainly use regular gas, you’ll probably find that your vehicle will perform better and give you improved fuel economy if you go with premium fuel.

If your MINI doesn’t seem to be performing well and you typically use regular gas, consider trying premium fuel. If that doesn’t do the trick, there may be another issue to consider. To have your car looked at, make an appointment with our service center at MINI of Glencoe

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