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Here’s a fact: You don’t need to buy a new car to get an outstanding vehicle. A pre-owned model may actually be better than a new one, particularly in a city like Chicago. Today, we want to go over the reasons why a non-new vehicle – like a pre-owned MINI – is so beneficial.

Save Money 

Yes, this one is rather obvious, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Check out some new MINI models online. Pretty fantastic, right? Now go look at some pre-owned ones on our website. While these also look great, their sale prices are especially attractive.

You will save a substantial amount of money with a pre-owned vehicle. Plus, you won’t miss out much on advanced features with a car that is only a couple of years old.

Warranty Coverage 

Every new MINI comes with a four-year/50,000-mile new passenger car limited warranty. If you buy a certified pre-owned MINI that has fewer years and less mileage, you will get that coverage, and when it expires, you will then get a one-year/unlimited mileage warranty. Emergency roadside assistance is also included for the length of the warranties. 

Damage Won't Matter 

Here’s how a pre-owned car fits into Chicago, an exceptionally crowded city with tons of drivers. If, perchance, you were to come back from shopping and noticed a small dent on your car, how would you react? 

With a new car, you'd probably react like Cameron did when he sees how many miles are on his dad’s sports car in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. However, if your car is a little older and not exactly in pristine condition, you’ll most likely be a little less upset.

Now that you know why a pre-owned model is perfect, come down to MINI of Glencoe to check out our inventory. You can also have a car brought out to your home for a remote test drive.

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