When you are on the hunt for a new MINI near Lake Forest, you don’t want to get bogged down by misinformation and myths. Here at MINI of Glencoe, we want to help make your car shopping experience as pleasant as possible by busting some of these car buying myths

Wait Until the Very End to Mention Your Trade-In

People often think that salespeople won’t give them a good deal if they say they are trading in upfront, so they wait until the price is finalized to mention it. However, this strategy is well-known by now and sales teams are prepared for it. Doing this will just make your time longer while your car is appraised. You should estimate your trade-in value ahead of time and mention the trade-in when you arrive at our lot so we can get the value as soon as possible. 

Go to the Dealership on a Rainy Day

The line of thinking is that fewer people will want to be out on a rainy day, thus sales teams will be willing to offer better deals with the reduced traffic. The problem is that this myth has spread far and wide, and you will find that rainy days are the most crowded. Instead, find a day you won’t mind spending in a car lot and make your way over to our MINI dealership. 

Negotiate the Price, then Mention You Want to Lease

This strategy may have worked at some point in time, where a buyer would negotiate a low price then lease based on the lower value. The problem with this idea today is that it is easy to find great lease specials that are superior to the value of a price you could negotiate at the lot. 

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