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Just like how you carefully choose where to purchase your next MINI car, you also want to carefully select who you can trust for quality maintenance and repair. Luckily, you can find both an amazing selection of new MINI cars and trustworthy MINI technicians here at MINI of Glencoe. If you ever need replacement parts for your vehicle, you can trust the certified team in our MINI service center near Chicago to take great care of your car by using OEM MINI parts.? 

Choosing to use OEM parts gives you the best chance that your car will continue to drive smoothly and perform better for longer. Short for “original equipment manufacturer,” what makes OEM parts unique is that they are made by the same people that made your car. This means that the same expert level of intelligent engineering and dedication to quality that was put into making your car goes into an OEM car part. You can expect superior performance and longevity compared to other parts you would find.? 

It may be tempting to choose a substitute part for your car due to the fact that they tend to be cheaper, but you just won’t get the same experience in your car anymore. Plus, non-OEM parts aren’t as reliable and aren’t made to last as long. So even though you’ll pay less for the part, you will be investing more money overall after having to replace it soon after buying it. OEM parts also often get protected under a warranty, so you might not even have to pay for repairs if it goes out soon. If you choose a non-OEM part, you’re most likely going to be stuck with the full bill. 

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